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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Great News!!! SHOOTING DOGS has swept up three highly prestigious film awards, and deservedly so:

The Peoples' Award - Vlissingen Film Festival, Holland
The Peoples' Award and Jury Award - Amazonia Film Festival, Brazil
The Inaugural Peoples' Prize - Mont Tremblant Film Festival, Canada.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

July 31st sees the DVD release of 'Shooting Dogs'

As well as a director approved transfer of the film, there are a host of special features which explore how the film came to be, what the effect of making the film has been on the filmmakers and survivors involved and how you can do your part to assist in the ongoing struggle against injustice and genocide.

Michael Caton-Jones, David Belton, writer David Wolstencroft, Film Education and our friends at The Aegis Trust have all contributed to what will be not only a fantastic edition of the film but also a superb educational resource for anyone involved with, or interested in, this area of soial and political history.

A full list of the disc's special features will be up shortly.

'Shooting Dogs' is available for PRE-ORDER today at , and

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