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Sunday, March 05, 2006

John Reid MP attends Thursday night's screening of Shooting Dogs:

Thursday night's packed out screening of Shooting Dogs at The Rex was hosted by Matthew Freud and introduced by Michael Caton Jones. Correspondents from Channel 4 News, The Independent, BBC World Service and Reuters were all in attendence for the screening that was specifically aimed at introducing the film to the news agenda. The Secretary of State for Defence, John Reid MP was present and was impressed by the film. Michael Caton Jones used his introduction to urge those present to support Shooting Dogs. He said: "The film is about the big questions - What can one person do? If you like the film, please tell everyone you know. We are very proud of this film."


At 2:32 AM, Blogger tampafilmfan said...

I didn't see an email address listed, so I'll post this as a comment:

Thanks for leaving your info on If your film is ever in any Florida film festivals, please let me know. Good luck.


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