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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Drew Wood - Line Producer of Shooting Dogs

'As a Line Producer I am responsible for preparing and supervising the budget, hiring the crew, controlling the film on a day to day basis and establishing a framework which will enable each department to maximise its potential in the making of the film.

In early 2004 I was invited by BBC Films to meet with David Belton, Ruth Caleb (Executive Producer) & Susy Liddell (BBC Films Head of Production) to discuss the film, SHOOTING DOGS. At this initial meeting it was clear to me that this script was a once in a career opportunity to involve myself in something more than a film. To that extent I grasped it with both hands believing the challenge would satisfy all my senses and aspirations. I was not to be disappointed.

A few months later after many meetings David, Michael & I headed for Kigali. What an experience it was to visit Rwanda for the first time, but what surprised me in my very polite English way, was that discussions about the genocide were very transparent and were always brought into the open even by the victims. Everyone you met had their own personal story and needed to tell it. One cannot possibly imagine without having been there in '94, how this period affected every man, woman & child throughout Rwanda and its neighbouring countries.

Now the question for me was, in a country with no film infrastructure, and more importantly with my limited budget, how could we make a feature film there and utilise the local populous into a professional film crew.

I was determined that this could and would work and so set myself the task of finding an initial small group of key people in Rwanda that I could work with. I was very fortunate that through some initial meetings I was able to meet with Maurice Nyaruhirra (Government Liaison), Juvens Ntampuhwe (Unit Manager), Yahaya Muvunyi (Locations & Local Community) & Hope Azida (Rwanda Casting Director). These four were to spearhead the Rwandese crew. I have to say that we relied on them totally for advice and guidance in all local matters.

The UK & German Crew were a delight to work with. There are not many times one can put ones hand on ones heart and say that one had found a near perfect group, all committed and all willing to share their knowledge with their Rwandese counterparts.

It was wonderful to see both groups blossom and grow in stature as each shooting day progressed.

We were indeed a privileged group to have had "the experience" of SHOOTING DOGS. At times it felt as though each and every cast and crew member had their own mission in Rwanda to help tell the story of '94.

The relationships between the Rwandese crew and those we met in Rwanda have forged friendships that will stay with us forever.'
-Drew Wood, Line Producer


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