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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Packed SHOOTING DOGS presentation and debate at The Royal Geographical Society, London

Last night SHOOTING DOGS producers David Belton and Pippa Cross discussed their experience of making the film with a huge audience at The Royal Geographical Society in London. David Belton reports:

"Last night Pippa Cross and I spoke to the Royal Geographical Society in London. In front of a packed audience of 650 members we showed clips from the film and spoke of the experience of going to Rwanda and recreating one episode that took place during the genocide. As you can imagine with such an audience, we knew we were talking to extremely well-informed people and the question and answer session afterwards reflected that. There were questions from the audience on how the Rwandan cast and crew responded to the making of the film, on whether there was any way that the West could have stopped the genocide, on Rwanda today and the process of Gacaca as a means of providing truth and reconciliation, and whether Paul Kagame is a force for good in Rwanda. It was a highly stimulating evening and it was good to see that the entire audience stayed for the question and answer session. Also I was pleased to see senior members of DfID at the talk as well as Linda Melvern, the author of the excellent and highly informative book on the genocide, A People Betrayed. Tonight Geoffrey Robertson QC hosts his screening of the film for top lawyers, judges and politicians and that again promises to stimulate debate on what happened in 1994 and help spread the word about Shooting Dogs."


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