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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Government Screening of Shooting Dogs

"This is not a film you ought to is a film you MUST see."

-John Hurt talking at the government screening of SHOOTING DOGS at Portcullis House.

Last Wednesday evening, producer David Belton and John Hurt travelled to The Houses of Parliament to meet with Andrew Mitchell MP, The Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, and Stephen Carter, The Coordinator of Genocide Prevention for the All Party Parliamentary Group. Having recently returned from a visit to Rwanda, Andrew Mitchell MP, a great advocate of SHOOTING DOGS, is keen to discuss ways that he may be able to support and help raise awareness of the film.

The meeting was followed by a packed screening of the film in The Boothroyd Room of Portcullis House where MPs, Peers and NGO representatives were in attendance. John Hurt introduced the film to the eager audience, talking of the film as one of the hardest, but most rewarding projects that he has worked on during his esteemed career. He suggested that viewing the film would bring about a similar experience- not easy, and not entertaining as such, but unforgettable, hugely rewarding and hugely necessary.

"This is not a film you ought to is a film you MUST see."


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Desire Katihabwa said...

I had the privilege to see the pre-screening of shooting dogs at the Parliament. Being a Burundian Tutsi myself and have lost few members of my family, acquaintances and friends, I feel encouraged to see there are individuals who are stepping out to raise awareness about what happened in Rwanda and as well as the on-going genocide and crime in Burundi. I beleive that the media, Artists and Movie can play a major role in giving hope to those vulnerable groups who still feel, unfortunately, that the West does not care about poor countries like Rwanda and Burundi. Rebuilding the country and the lives of those who survived the massacres has to be a priority.

I congratulate the Director of the film for having taken the initiative to make this film.


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