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Friday, February 24, 2006

Dublin Film Festival

A special screening of 'Shooting Dogs' will be shown tonight at the Dublin Film Festival with Michael Caton-Jones and John Hurt in attendance.

If you get to see the film tonight, let us know what you think...


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Brannick said...

Absolutely brilliant!
An ambitious film that actually hits the mark. As a complete film it ties in a number of ideas, perspectives and thought provocations. Shooting Dogs cleverly avoids telling the audience "what to think" and presents a story that makes you think.

Beyond moralising and the above mentioned lazy thinking this is a genuine and honest film that made me cry, reflect on my own weaknesses and fear induced inaction (in so many incidents unrelated to the subject matter)

It is quite obvious that the film represents a pure reflection of the collective hearts of the team behind it. Its strength lies in that genuiness.

Got a chance to speak to the director very briefly at the end. How you doing mate?
I was seriously impressed and very encouraged by the level of his thinking at the Q's and A's and look forward to seeing more of this type of film in the future. Its gotta be Colombia next. The war is raging on as I type these words….


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